Career and College Planning

The Career Resource Center is located in the IMC and is available to all students at Los Alamos High School.  The CRC is here to assist students with the transition from high school into college, vocational or technical school, the military or a chosen career path. There is information on colleges, scholarships, ACT and SAT exams, and career options. Check out the CRC News, a newly created newsletter with updates from the Career Resource Center. Visit the CRC or contact Connie Goettee for more information.  Located in the IMC.

Point of Contact:  Connie Goettee, Student Placement Specialist  •  Phone: (505) 663-2595  •  Fax: (505) 662-6846  •  Email: c.goettee@laschools.net

Advanced Placement (AP) Information

Registering for AP Exams
Registration for the 2018 AP Exams opens February 14 and ends March 9. Students may complete the online registration form or use one of the printed forms available in the Career Resource Center located in the library.

Completing the Registration Process
The registration form may be completed online; however, the registration process is not complete until the registration form and payment or proof of payment (if paying via PayPal) is submitted to Connie Goettee in the Career Resource Center (located in the school library). In order to receive a weighted grade for an AP course, students must take and pay for the AP Exam(s) in the spring.
Click here to Download 2018 AP Registration Form.pdf

The cost for AP Exams this year, as set by the College Board, is $94.00 for each exam. No cash will be accepted.  Please make checks or money orders payable to Los Alamos Public Schools. Payment may also be made online via PayPal.  

To pay for AP exams using Paypal, CLICK HERE TO PAY          https://laschools.hotlunch.com/fees/lahs/registration.php
*Please scroll down the page to click on the AP Exam and type in $94.00 and be sure to UNCLICK other items so you are not paying for them.

Financial Assistance
Students in need of financial assistance may be eligible for subsidies through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Please refer to the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 2017-18 for more information or contact Mrs. Goettee.

Cancellation and Late Fees
There will be a $15.00 fee charged for cancellation and withdrawal from each test once the order has been placed (March 14, 2018). Any late orders (April 13, 2018) will be assessed a $55.00 late fee by the College Board. Students who decide to not take an AP exam are required to complete an AP Exam Exemption Form.

Cost is $94 per exam. If a student needs to take an AP exam on the alternate testing date for any of the reasons listed below will be required to pay an additional $45 per exam.
•    Academic contest/event
•    Athletic contest/event
•    Conflict with non-AP and non-IB exam
•    Family/personal commitment
•    Ordering error
•    Other school event
•    School closing (local decision, non-emergency)

2018 AP Alternate Date Exam Registration
2018 AP Exam Registration forms
2018 AP Alternate Date Exam Registration

(please be sure to download Fillable pdf, then it will let you fill out the form)

If you have any questions about AP classes please contact Connie Goettee, Student Placement Specialist in the Career Resource Center.

The CRC is located in the IMC (Library)   Phone: (505) 663-2595    Fax: (505) 662-6846    Email: c.goettee@laschools.net

* Students wishing to drop an AP Course must do so within 2 weeks of the beginning if the course.

AP Exams will be administered the weeks of May 7 and May 14, 2018.

2018 AP Exam Schedule

Alternate testing dates for 2018 are Wednesday, May 23; Thursday, May 24; and Friday, May 25. Students who require alternate testing dates due to conflicts with school-related events must pay an additional $45.00 per exam, for a total cost of $139 per exam.  These students are not charged the $15.00 cancellation fee if they qualify for an event after the order has been placed.

Late testing will not be permitted for any commitments not directly related to a school-sanctioned activity. Athletes should not order alternate exams until they are certain they have qualified for a school-sanctioned activity.

Late testing is allowed under the following circumstances:

No Additional Fee Incurred

  • Conflict with IB exam        
  • Conflict with state-, province- or nationally mandated test         
  • Disabilities accommodation issue        
  • Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm        
  • Emergency: serious injury, illness or family tragedy        
  • Language lab scheduling conflict        
  • Religious holiday/observation                
  • School closing: election, national holiday or natural disaster        
  • Strike/labor conflict
  • Three or more AP Exams on same day
  • Two AP Exams on same date and time

Additional Fee Incurred: $45 per exam

  • Academic contest/event
  • Athletic contest/event
  • Conflict with non-AP and non-IB exam
  • Family/personal commitment
  • Ordering error
  • Other school event
  • School closing (local decision, non- emergency)

Students who need to take an AP exam on an alternate testing date are required to complete the AP Alternate Date Exam Registration Form.

AP Alternate Date Exam Schedule
AP Registration for Advanced Placement Exams 2018 Alternate Dates

Honors English 10

AP Language and Composition 11

AP German

AP Chemistry

1.  Email Mrs. Boerigter at <k.boerigter@laschools.net> to get the password to get into the online homework and text.
2.  Go to Summer AP Assignment folder on Mrs. Boerigter’s teacher page.
3.  Print the sheets and learn the solubility rules, equipment, reaction types, and ion sheets.
4.  Read and take notes on Chapters 1-3 in the text.
5.  Do Online Homework for Chapters 1-3 at ConnectPlus (use password provided by Mrs. Boerigter in return email)
*You may go ahead and do as many chapters beyond chapter 3 as you desire.  The first-semester tentative schedule is on my teacher page also.  If you have any questions, e-mail Mrs. Boerigter.
AP Environmental Science

AP Biology

AP Calc/Trig/Algebra 1

AP Algebra 2/Trig

AP French

AP Physics

AP Studio Art

AP Courses and Course Overviews

Art History Course Overview
Music Theory* Course Overview
Studio Art: 2-D Design* Course Overview
Studio Art: 3-D Design* Course Overview
Studio Art: Drawing* Course Overview

English Language and Composition (11)* Course Overview
English Literature and Composition (12)* Course Overview

History and Social Science
Comparative Government and Politics Course Overview
European History* Course Overview
Human Geography* Course Overview
Macroeconomics* Course Overview
Microeconomics* Course Overview
Psychology* Course Overview
US Government and Politics* Course Overview
US History* Course Overview
World History Course Overview

Math and Computer Science
Calculus AB* Course Overview
Calculus BC* Course Overview
Computer Science A* Course Overview
Computer Science Principles Course Overview
Statistics* Course Overview

Biology* Course Overview
Chemistry* Course Overview
Environmental Science* Course Overview
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism* Course Overview
Physics C: Mechanics* Course Overview
Physics 1* Course Overview
Physics 2* Course Overview

World Language and Culture
Chinese Language and Culture Course Overview
French Language and Culture* Course Overview
German Language and Culture* Course Overview
Italian Language and Culture Course Overview
Japanese Language and Culture Course Overview
Latin* Course Overview
Spanish Language and Culture* Course Overview
Spanish Literature and Culture Course Overview

*Courses offered at Los Alamos High School

Welcome to the AP (Advanced Placement) Program at Los Alamos High School
Through the AP Program, students are able to experience the rigors of college-level studies while still in high school.  Los Alamos High School offers a number of AP courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Fine Arts and Career & Technology.

AP Brochure.pdf
AP Program Guide 2017-18 2.pdf
AP Student Bulletin 2017-18.pdf
Spanish AP Student Bulletin 2017-18.pdf

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