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Daily Information


8:15am – 1st bell rings (signals that school begins in five minutes)

8:20am – School begins

Lists of Bell Schedules
Checking Students Out of School:  If arrangements have not been made in advance with attendance to pick up a student from school, the parent or guardian must come into the school and have a driver’s license or a picture ID that verifies his or her identity as a custodial parent in order to check the student out of school.
Aspen Elementary School


Safety Standard Response:

A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the classroom response to an incident at school. Weather events, fire, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by students, teachers, staff, and administration.

Safety Standard Response Flyer to download

The Aspen School Safety Plan follows both the district and the New Mexico State Public Education Department’s guidelines for school safety plans. We review our plan periodically with the school’s Action Crisis Team and on an annual basis with the Aspen Site Council. There are three key elements to our plan: Prevention, Intervention, and Crises Response. We also keep an address list and photographs on file of the sex offenders who reside in Los Alamos. This list is updated by the Superintendent’s office and available in our front office.

This part of our plan refers to what we teach our students so that they learn how to make healthy and safe choices. Our curriculum includes life skills, media literacy, conflict resolution, class meetings, student counseling, Friendship Groups, and Lunch Buddies.

This part of our plan refers to the school’s behavior rules, a progressive discipline policy, dress code, attendance, and abuse/neglect reporting.  This includes how we use the Aspen “orange cards” and “happy grams.”

If you want to review the complete plan, please come by the office. You may direct any questions to Kathryn Vandenkieboom (principal) or to Carole Kirby (school nurse).

Things parents can do now:
  • Please make sure to update your student’s school emergency card. Call or come by the school to update. Remember to update again when necessary.
  • Sign up for E-Alerts on the school and district websites. You’ll be notified by email whenever an emergency results in a delay, cancellation, or early dismissal.
  • Sign in and wear a Aspen Volunteer or Visitor badge when you are in the building.
  • As part of your family plan, know your student’s schedule. Please check the accuracy of this schedule with your child.
  • Parents with students currently taking emergency medication (i.e. medication for diabetes, seizures, anaphylaxis, asthma, etc.), please provide the nurse with a three-day supply of medication in a prescription container that is clearly marked with your child’s name and dosage. Please include doctor’s orders for the prescription and parental permission for dispensation of the medication and any special storage instructions.
  • Notify and provide school with special dietary needs of your student.
    You might want to think about having your student have a change of clothes and personal hygiene articles (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, contact lens kit) in their locker.
  • Stay calm in emergencies! At Aspen, we have emergency plans in place. We have planned, prepared, and practiced for such emergencies.


Going To and From School
The school district assumes responsibility for students when they are using school bus transportation as they come to and from school and when they are on the school grounds between 8:05 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. on regular school days. The schools are not responsible for children while they are walking, riding bicycles, or otherwise coming to and from school. In this area, the County and the parents share responsibility for the children. However, the school and the Aspen PTO have an active interest in maintaining and assuring the safety and welfare of students who are walking or bicycling to and from school and will work cooperatively with the police, parents, and the County Transportation Committee in promoting and educating children in pedestrian and bicycle safety and law enforcement.

Early Dismissal/Snow Day Plan
On days of deep snow or exceptionally bad weather, schools may choose to follow a 2 hour delay plan. Any activities scheduled before school, such as band or orchestra, are canceled on snow days. Students should arrive at school two hours later than usual. If a 2-hour delay is called on a Wednesday, there will be NO school at the elementary level. Announcements concerning snow days will be made over the radio station KRSN AM 1490, on major local television channels (4, 7, or 13) beginning at approximately 6:30 a.m., or call the district info line at 663-2223.

On rare occasions, school will be dismissed early because of unusually heavy snowfall or other emergency situations. This decision is made by staff in Los Alamos Schools Central Office in collaboration with LANL staff and Los Alamos County staff. When this occurs, there will be radio messages to inform you of the decision. We ask your cooperation at this time. Please make a plan with your child ahead of time so he or she knows where to go after school is dismissed. We will send home a form for you to fill out to share your plan with us. This will help us know what you and your child have decided to do. Each teacher will keep a copy of your plan at school. Keep your email address current since we will send out a general announcement to our Aspen Family email list. When the decision to dismiss early occurs, it generally precedes early county and laboratory closings. For that reason, it is important for students and school staff to proceed home quickly so the roads may be clear for subsequent county and laboratory traffic. Please understand that the school phone lines must remain open during this time. Please go over the plans with your child to avoid any confusion.

Read More on Rules and Procedures

ELL teachers are Miel Rim and Laura Waarvick

GATE – Gifted and Talented Education:  Teachers are Suzy Kroesche and Laura Waarvick

Occupational Therapy: Betsy Stauffer

Physical Therapy:  Petra McDowell  •  412-7735

Reading Intervention Specialist: Alisa Rolf

Resource Support:
Special Education Teacher – Room 125
Resource Grades K-3:  Shelley Morey  •  663-2301

Resource Grade 4 and 6: Luna Serrano

Resource Grades 5 & 6: Kate Hovey

Speech:  Shannon Trujillo – Speech Therapist and Contact Person

Speech Therapist: Kathy Anderson

Volunteers and visitors are always welcome at Aspen. Please pre-arrange a time, even after school, to visit/volunteer with the teacher of the class you plan to visit/volunteer.

For the safety of all our children, it is imperative that all visitors sign in and obtain a visitor”s badge – even if you plan to be here for only a few minutes.

Sometimes your quick visit during lunch, or right after school, may be the only break a teacher has in a day.  Some lessons require minimal interruption, and in those cases, a visitor may disrupt the teacher”s plan.

Our of respect, please make an appointment for such visits.  Teachers can be contacted by e-mail, phone or in person by appointment.

Be sure to get a visitor”s badge before proceeding to the classroom.

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