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Rental Information

Duane W. Smith Auditorium

Rules and Regulations

1 The user agrees to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY in supervising their organizations activities in the
auditorium and surrounding area.

2 All user groups, organizations and individuals must follow State of New Mexico laws, as well as Los Alamos
Public School policies, rules and regulations.

3 No food or beverages are allowed in the Theater auditorium, control booth, or on stage. Bottled water with
reseal able caps may be allowed in designated backstage areas and dressing rooms at the discretion of the
Theater Manager. (ask before you do)

4 The use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or tobacco is prohibited on ANY school property.

5 Any user that is part of Los Alamos Public Schools shall provide adequate security/ushers.
Those organizations and individuals not affiliated with the school district will be charged a set fee for
approved security.

6 Sponsor or a designated representative shall be on site at all times before, during and after the event.
(first to arrive, last to leave)

7 User will not sublet these facilities, facility equipment or allow their use by unapproved others without the
prior written consent of the Theater Manager.

8 NO ONE is allowed on ladders, catwalks or in the control booth without prior written consent of the
Theater Manager. All personnel/users working in the Theater do so at their own risk.

9 No one is to "set-up", "patch-in" or program house lighting and or audio systems without prior written consent
of the Theater Manager.

10 Occupancy may not exceed state fire code limits. Seating is 997. Total occupancy (lobby, corridors,
backstage areas, auditorium) is 1100.

11 Events may not begin before 7:00am and the Theater must be closed and locked by 12:00 midnight.

12 Pre and Post inventory and inspection shall be conducted by the Theater Manager and users representative.
The user group is responsible for all clean up and damage repair.
A security/cleaning deposit is required for all non district organizations, individuals and user groups.

13 Placement of user equipment including but not limited to staging, risers, sound, lighting and concession
must be approved by the Theater Manager so as to avoid damage to facility property and comply with all
safety standards.

14 No one shall "tie-in" to or rewire or otherwise alter facility electrical service. A licensed electrician is required
to make any alterations to the facility electrical systems. All electrical systems must be returned to their
original state upon completion of the event.

15 Proof of insurance, and damage/security deposit are to be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of
the event.

16 Any technicians hired for Labor Call or Running Crew must be approved by the Theater Manager.

17 All special effects such as but not limited to strobe lights, fog machines, hazers, fire, water, pyrotechnics,
lasers or LN2 systems must be approved by the Theater Manager.

Fee and Deposit Schedule

1 Non-Profit Organization* 4 Hr. duration (no admission charged, no services/merchandise sold) $150.00
2 Non-Profit Organization* 4 Hr. duration (admission charged, services/merchandise sold) $250.00
3 For Profit Group** 17 Hr. maximum duration(admission charged, no services/merchandise sold) $500.00+
4 For Profit Group** 17 Hr. maximum duration (admission charged, services/merchandise sold) $500.00+^
Additional time booked in 4 hour increments $100.00
* To verify non-profit status, renter is required to provide a copy of 501(c)(3) certificate.
** A For-profit group is a commercial venture or those standing to realize financial gain from the event.
+ Plus ten percent of revenue generated from admission.
^ Plus ten percent of revenue from merchandise or services sold.

A Security/Damage/Cleaning deposit of $200.00 is required from all renters.
Deposit is due at the time of contract approval, or a minimum of two weeks prior to scheduled event.

Rental Contract 1.1
Technical schedule
Rules & Fees

Ross Mason - Manager
1300 Diamond Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Phone 505.470.9879
Email r.mason@laschools.net

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