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7th grade:  Jennifer Neil  •  663-2409  •
Jennifer Neil’s website:

8th grade:  Scott Gramer  •  663-2410 •

Clinical Counselor:  Michelle Bane  •  663-2408  •

LAMS Clubs and Activities

Battle of the Books All Students Begins in November Library Read books and battle the facts in team competition
Boys’ Council All LAMS boys Fall and Spring TBA Call 661-4097 for details
Bridge 7th and 8th graders Tuesdays 7th grade lunch East Commons Learn how to play Bridge
Builders Club 7th  and 8th graders Wednesdays,  during each grade lunch Jill Gross’ classroom Part of Kiwanis, about building leaders, projects based on student interest, begins after Labor Day
Chess Club 7th & *th graders Fridays, during lunch North Commons Build your Chess playing strategies – attend competitions
Girls’ Circle All LAMS girls Fall and Spring TBA Friendship and Positive growth
Girls’ Group 7th and 8th grade girls During each grade lunch ReCharge Station Friendship and Support
Math Counts Everyone who loves math Tuesdays, 4:15 Mrs. Shiina’s room Math Skills competition
Native American Club Native American students Various TBA Build Leadership with Native American students
Robotics (Also a class) Everyone Wednesdays and Sundays Pueblo Complex Robotics competition
Science Bowl Anyone interested in Science Wednesdays, 3:00-4:10 Room 166 “Jeopardy on steroids and science!”
Science Fair All Students Fall and Spring Room 155 Days and times will be announced
Student Council 7th and 8th Fall and Spring TBA TBA
Supercomputing Club Anyone interested in computers Mondays, 3:00-4:00 Room 259 Working on the NM Supercomputing Challenge with team members
WEB Crew 8th grade students Various TBA Build Leadership skills

LAMS holds a Homework and Academic Time (HAT) on Wednesdays during the regular school day.  During HAT students may remain in their 8th period to finish homework, or attend prearranged help sessions or work on enrichment activities.  Regular classes will only be shortened slightly to accommodate for this additional time during HAT.  HAT will be tied to 8th period, our last period of the day. Below is an example of what the Wednesday schedule looks like:

HAT Wednesday Only Bell Schedule:
(Homework and Academic Time)

1st Bell: 7:53 am
1st Period 8:00 am – 8:42 am
2nd Period 8:47 am – 9:29 am
3rd Period 9:34 am – 10:18 am
4th Period 10:23 am – 11:05 am
5th Period and 7th Grade Lunch: 11:10 am – 11:52 am
6th Period and 8th Grade Lunch: 11:57 am – 12:39 pm
7th Period 12:44 pm – 1:26 pm
8th Period 1:31 pm – 2:13 pm
HAT         2:18 pm – 3:00 pm

Student Conduct 
LAMS administration and staff strive to provide and maintain a safe, equitable, and positive environment that promotes intellectual and personal growth and development. Discipline interventions are geared to nurture the development of self control, self worth, social responsibility and the acceptance of consequences for ones actions. Our discipline plan utilizes conflict resolution strategies and adult intervention. The plan specifies rules covering the standards of behavior expected from our students. Students who violate the rules will receive natural and logical consequences. Students who follow the rules will reap positive consequences.

Our General School Rules are: 
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

The philosophy of discipline at LAMS is grounded in the belief that learning opportunities can best take place when there is mutual respect and trust. The administration and staff are dedicated to the development of trust and respect between all students and adults. Students are encouraged to make good choices and take responsibility for their choices, including accepting natural consequences, when appropriate.

•    A LAMS staff member will redirect the student’s behavior.
•    A student may receive a Discipline Report for an incident which is a detailed account of the incident and what, if any, action has been taken to address the situation.
•    When referred for misconduct, possible action / consequences may include: a conference with the student, lunch detention, parent contact, school community service, intervention and/or mediation, In School Suspension or Out of School Suspension. This information is documented on the Incident Report.
•    Tardies are also tracked and students with habitual tardies are given a Discipline Report .
This discipline policy was developed in accordance with the Los Alamos Public Schools Board of Education Policies.

Code of Conduct Agreement for Students

Please print agreement, it requires student and parent signature.


The School Board recognizes that each student’s mode of dress and grooming  is a matter of individual preference. The Board will not interfere with students’ and parents’ decisions regarding appearance except when their choices disrupt the educational process, interfere with the maintenance of a positive teaching/learning climate or violate reasonable standards of health, safety, decency, and respect for others. The purpose of the student dress code is to encourage students to come to school prepared for the instructional program.

The Board prohibits the displaying of apparel, accessories, or the marking of the skin with designs or patterns, which advocate drugs, tobacco, and/or alcohol use, violence, disruptive behavior, disrespect for others, or denotes gang membership.

Two Guidelines to Note:

  1. Students may not wear hats indoors.
  2. Students’ midriffs need to be covered.

Great Schools. Great Place to Live. Great People

Los Alamos Public Schools is ranked as one of the premier school districts in the United States. LAPS serves as the primary school district for Los Alamos County, a county recently recognized as a Top 10 County for public schools. See links below on our outstanding achievements for the school district and our outstanding partnership with Los Alamos County.

#1 School District in New Mexico

Top 10 Counties in America for Education

Best Places to Live Top 10

Los Alamos Country #1 for Quality of Life