Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 @ 6pm

LAPS – School Board Conference Room

2075 Trinity Drive, Suite V (Los Alamos)

May 2nd Agenda:

  1. Welcome-James Mountain, Chair
  2. Introductions-All in attendance
    3. Approval of Agenda-May 2nd, 2018
  3. Approval of Minutes-March, 7th, 2018
  4. Staff Reports-Kurt/Kelly
  5. Sub-Committee Reports
    • District Parent Council Representative: Jacqueline Mirabal
    • Student Representative
    • Student Groups:
      • LAMS Native Hawks
      • LAHS Native American Club
  1. Financial Status Reports-Kurt/Kelly
  2. Old Business
  • LAPS Cultural Sensitivity Training for all Staff
  • Identify old/Outstanding issues (2014-Present)
    • Current date of tribal demographics
  1. New Business
  • LAPS Native American Liaison Job Description (.5 FTE)
  • Create a list of Priorities for New Year. How can we reach out to Pueblos/tribes?
  • Build a strategic plan-Build timeline
  • Creation of Sub-Committee
    • Transportation
    • Funding Sources
    • LAPS-American Indian Education Policy 6147
  • Set dates for future meetings
  1. Open Floor
  2. Schedule next meeting
  3. Adjournment

LAPS Native American Liaison

.5 FTE

Purpose: To coordinate and implement programs, services, and opportunities to meet the unique needs of our current, returning, and prospective LAPS Native American student body.

Budget: $45,000


  1. Coordinates activities that support/enhance/strengthen cultural identity, using culturally-relevant materials and curriculum when appropriate
  1. Works collaboratively with school staff, families and community to:
  • Increase the percentages and numbers of students identified as proficient in challenging subject areas, including reading, writing, math and science
  • Increase the number of secondary students who participate and successfully complete rigorous courses and programs.
  • Increase the number of secondary students who participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Increase the number of secondary students preparing for college
  • Increase knowledge of tribal languages
  • Maintain and improve student attendance
  • Provide dropout prevention activities to increase graduation rate
  • Monitor students’ academic progress
  • Provide professional development training to district staff
  • Serve as a bridge between the schools and families
  1. Assists school staff in the special education process to:
  • Understand cultural differences
  • Communicate with families and carry out due process requirements
  • Gather information and implement pre-referral interventions
  • Carry out appropriate assessments that are respectful of cultural differences
  • Provide staff developments to teachers, administrators, and district employees about research based promising practices with increasing American Indian student achievement
  • Helping buildings effectively work towards creating an inclusive environment for all children, in particular, American Indian students
  • Collaborate with teachers in developing in and out of classroom learning experiences
  1. Maintains grants that provide funding for Indian Education by:
  • Collecting data on a regular basis
  • Providing monthly written reports for Native American Parent Advisory Committee
  • Completing reports as mandated by tribal, state and federal agencies
  • Assist in the development of program evaluation tools
  1. Other duties as assigned



  1. Four-year degree in education, counseling or social work required
  2. Knowledge of Indian education programs, as well as American Indian culture and heritage
  3. Demonstrated history of successful overseeing Indian Education grant(s)
  4. Demonstrated success at designing and implementing professional development around the
    success of American Indian student achievement
  5. Knowledge of state and federal laws relative to American Indians
  6. Experience with Indian Education programs or Indian community organizations preferred
  7. Effective verbal and written communication skills
  8. Ability to understand and maintain confidentiality
  9. Strong time management and organization skills
  10. Able to attend work regularly and report to work in a timely manner

Proposed by NAPAC.

Everything below was located through a web search of job descriptions for Native American Liaisons.

Scheduled Time Actual Time
Start Stop Total Start Stop Total
6:00 pm 8:00 pm 2 hrs 6:08 pm 8:13 pm 2 hrs


LAPS – Main Administration Building Conference Room: 2075 Trinity Drive, Suite V
Attendees: Open to all Parents of students Eligible under Title VII and LAPS District Designees.
Committee Officers:

Chair: Karmela Martinez

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Santina Shije

Teacher Rep: Amanda Waldschidt, Aspen Elementary (K)
Student Rep: Janessa Gonzales (11th grade)

District Designee:  Kurt Steinhaus, Superintendent/Kelly Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Accountability

District Rep: Jackie Mirabal-Martinez
LAPS School Board Rep: Bill Hargraves

Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Description Owner Notes
1 Roll Call Karmela Completed
2 Approval of Agenda Karmela Quorum established
3 Approval of Minutes:

Dated: 12/6/17

Karmela Minutes approved: 12/6/17
4 Staff Reports Kurt/Kelly Native American Liaison: There is $9,000 in Personnel budget for a .25 FTE (in addition to tutoring). It would be built into the Title VI budget (Funds that are from Federal Government to assist Native with educational needs of Native Students/Professional Development).

Title VI: Kelly will obtain a report of tutoring services for Title VI. Kelly will have additional information at the next PAC meeting in May 2018.

Lease Fund Portion: PAC will need to request funding from the LAPS School Board. PAC can request funding at the next School Board meeting 4/17/18 or 5/8/18.

DOE Funds-Discretionary Funds-Can LAPS consider supports for Full Time FTE? New presentation to LAPS School Board.

Kelly reports we currently have 99 Native American students.

5 Sub-Committee Reports

1.        District Parent Council Representative

2.        Student Representative

3.      Student Groups

LAMS Native Hawks

LAHS Native American Club





Jackie did not attend the last District Parent Meeting. Next meeting is on 3/8/17. She attended the last meeting in Dec. Discussed LAPS Board decision regarding School start time, flexible schedule for students at LAHS, Barranca Mesa application as denied, proposals for Mountain for upgrades, Training LAMS staff, feeding hungry kids-indicated LAPS is spending 50K on students-LAPS have no free/reduced at LAMS/LAHS, Drug use in school, bullying, stress relief, and bring graduates to LAHS. Nambe Pueblo has a lunch reimbursement program. LAPS/Chartwells will look into a donation fund. A fulltime Native American Liaison could assist with this process. Kelly will attend next District Parent Meeting on 3/8/18.

Transportation? We have been discussing for about 5 years. Parents have transportation barriers, such as full school busses, discussed with RTD (13yrs +) in the past, Atomic City Bus has limited stops. What are the next steps? Barrier is cost. Some people cannot afford to go to school-Gas, transportation.
Action: Create a sub-committee for follow up.

Nambe Lunch program-Janessa states this has been helpful. She has missed the LAHS Native American Club that was held on 3/7/18.

Bernadette had Gathering Of Nations (GON) question on status.

Jovita states GON (April 27th,) was approved and she has requested transportation (2 Suburbans).  Jovita will follow up on busses (Charter busses, Suburban’s, PVS contract). This will be coordinated with LAMS students. $8/per student. The food costs are difficult to obtain. Jovita may reach out to the Rotary Club.

AISES conference: Will be held in Oklhoma, October 4-6th, 2018. 6 Students registered from LAHS.

Kelly provided clarification about the Gathering of the Nations, in the grant application this was not clearly identified. The biggest challenge is the title for reimbursement. Jovita will follow up and correct forms needed (PO/Invoices).  Kelly will follow up on line item of $4,200 and see if this can cover food and transportation. We could request funds from each tribe?
Kelly will provide PAC a list of numbers of students and tribe.

6 Financial Status Reports Kurt/Kelly Kelly states comptroller was out. She will email financial status report via email by 3/12/18. Cut off is June 30th, 2018 to use funds.

Line Item for books using previous balance: Books were not purchased. LAMS books were purchased. Karmela emailed list of books to Kelly. Kelly states books have not been purchased. Kelly will follow up on funds to see what was used on books and report back to PAC.

Native Books Links: = young adult/teen; cultural; Natives in different professions; lesson plans = this targets the Navajo Nation
Indiancountrybooks com = the most robust collection and search engine of all three

LAPS Librarians budget: Kelly will follow up with Librarians for purchase for Native American books.

ACT Fees-Students must register on the ACT website. Kelly will follow up on reimbursement with fees.

Camille Dixson-Links for google docs, LAPS District Websites. Kelly will follow up with Camille/Karmela to coordinate updated information.

LAHS-Community Service efforts? Columbus day/LAPS School Board, LAHS students are seeking Community Service efforts  (LA, Pojoaque, Pueblos).  Aspen’s Spring Fling on 3/16/18 5:30pm-7:30pm, Cindy Black at LAHS emailed volunteer efforts, Chamisa Elementary and Little Theater are in need of volunteers.

7 Old Business

1. Discuss executive member status

2. Update on Outreach for other funding sources

3. DOE Funding

4. DECP Funding

5. LAPS-American Indian Education Policy 6147

6. Aspen





Motion to Nominate/Second James Mountain. James Mountain is the Chair.
Motion to Nominate/Second Marie John. Marie John is Vice-Chair.

Action: We may need to form a team to research and get back to PAC at the next meeting.

Los Alamos Public School Foundation
LANL Foundation
Private Businesses/Community private funds.

Update on how the funds will be distributed. No updates at this time. How much is allocated to Native Students?
Action: We will need to form a letter from Title VI PAC-How will these discretionary funds be spent (8 Million)?

Funding for Art Activities. To be updated by Karmela. Santina will reach out for clarification from Karmela.

LAPS-American Indian Education Policy 6147 (See attached). Consultation with tribes/PAC was not met in timely manner. LAPS School Board can do a review. We can work with Kelly and Bill can follow up with School Board. It can be done in any future school board meeting. The policy must be reviewed annually (August 2018).
Action Item: Create a subcommittee to review and provide feedback. Bill Hargraves states it would be nice for tribal officials to advocate for the policy/Native American Liaison position.

Professional Development Days (1 week in June/1 week in Aug) at Aspen- Sessions will be offered on Cultural Sensitivity Training. There is a PED web based training that will be available early fall (Sheila Yellow hair is contact at PED).

Action: We would like to discuss/create a list of Priorities for new year. How can we reach out to Pueblos/tribes? Build a strategic plan to include:
DOE Funding
Native American Liaison position
Address communication gap with LAPS-Technology fees, Meeting dates and times-propose meeting more often?

Curriculum specific for Native students

8 New Business

1. Tribal Elder at Aspen

Santina Evelyn Naranjo has started teaching Mica Pottery to Aspen (3rd graders): Start date 3/6/18 for the next 5 weeks.
Have elderly to teach students more often:

NM History to talk with students at LAPS.

Alvin Warren will be talking with Mrs. Kimberly Engelking (Social Studies) class at LAHS

Pottery will be coming to LAHS with elders Andy and Marsha Padilla..

Reimbursement for Technology Fees: 55 Students at LAMS $1,325 was reimbursed. Teresa Gatewood, Comptroller is the contact. Kelly will follow up on process.

9 Open Floor Open Feast day at San Ildefonso Pueblo was a success. LAMS and Chamisa attended on 1/23/18.

GATE: Approved by PED specifically for Native American students. Discover test (Group test). Amanda will look into this. 1 student at Aspen is gifted. Link provided:

2018 Parenting University at UNM Flyer was disbursed. See attached.

10 Schedule next meeting Karmela May 9th, 2018 @ 6pm
11 Adjournment Karmela Meeting adjourned at 8:13pm

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