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Safety is our #1 Priority

See Something. Say Something.

Los Alamos Public Schools ask that families discuss safety issues. Take the time to talk about the idea of "See Something, Say Something." If  a student sees or hears anything that causes a concern, they should contact the school administrator or a school resource officer immediately. This approach lets officials get ahead of potential issues and maintain safety for all. 

Families can email safety concerns to To report suspicious activity, please contact local law enforcement.


Do you know the difference between a Lockdown and a Lockout? What do you need to do when you have to Evacuate? Students practice safety drills throughout the school year to be ready for anything. Know the signs. Know the drill.


The mission of the Youth Resiliency Committee is to promote well-being for youth and their families by bringing awareness to issues, highlighting activities, and promoting resources in and around our community.


LAPS is promoting Bus Safety.  Know the rules. A red flashing light with the extended stop arm means traffic is required to stop, even in both directions of a two-lane road. Stop for the School Bus. It’s the law.

Standard Response Protocols
Youth Resiliency Newsletter
Bus Safety Information


LAPS uses the School Messenger system to notify parents about issues that impact the safety and academic performance of students.  Make sure your information is up-to-date so that you continue to receive these important notifications.


Winter is fast approaching and so is the threat of inclement weather. Make sure you are familiar with the district’s procedures for a delayed start, school cancellation or early dismissal.


The New Mexico Sex Offender Registry was created to provide information to the public concerning the location of sex offenders residing in the State of New Mexico. The information provided is intended for community safety purposes only and should not be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass.

Notification Systems
Inclement Weather Info
NM Sex Offender Registry

Great Schools. Great Place to Live. Great People

Los Alamos Public Schools is ranked as one of the premier school districts in the United States. LAPS serves as the primary school district for Los Alamos County, a county recently recognized as a Top 10 County for public schools. See links below on our outstanding achievements for the school district and our outstanding partnership with Los Alamos County.

#1 School District in New Mexico

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Los Alamos Country #1 for Quality of Life