Dr. Kurt Steinhaus and kids at Mountain Elementary

A message for the New Year

I am reaching out to seek your ideas about how to plan for the future and ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive.

Your comments about these pressing issues will be used in updating our LAPS strategic plan and school-level DASH Plans.  In addition, your thoughts will help with the ongoing process of making adjustments in our schools, because when you’re in the people business, re-thinking and making modifications is essential.

Here’s a brief rundown of five education issues in 2020 well worth careful consideration in Los Alamos:

  • Keeping students and staff safe
  • Addressing the growing number of students in Los Alamos
  • Supporting healthy students, healthy staff, and healthy schools
  • Maximizing opportunities from the State of New Mexico   
  • Appropriate use of educational technology

Since LAPS is a continuous improvement school district, we identify opportunities and consider potential challenges. By nature, we are planners. We set goals and then plan lessons and targeted activities. We plan for the day, semester, year, and beyond.  We evaluate progress and seek feedback.

Click here to submit comments or send an email to 2020@laschools.net

Thank you!

Dr. Kurt Steinhaus


Important News

Excellence in Student Achievement Award Nominations Now Open

Is there someone in your life that you’d like to recognize for helping Los Alamos students succeed? If so, you can nominate them for the Los Alamos School Board’s Excellence in Student Achievement Award using the form here.

This award acknowledges school leaders, staff and other individuals who have played an important role in improving student achievement. The nominee can be an administrator, teacher, staff member, parent, community member or volunteer.

The nomination process is open to the community, and from there, the Los Alamos School Board will choose the final recipient. If you would like to nominate an individual or group, please click here.  Please submit your nomination by March 6, 2020.