About LAPS

Mission:  We enable our students to become resilient and resourceful adults who are able to achieve their personal goals in an ever-changing world.

Vision:  We prepare capable and confident life-long learners.

We Value:  Student Well-Being • Respect • Teamwork • Individual Growth • Empathy • Innovation • Integrity • Leadership • Transparency • Diversity • Safety

We Are Committed To:  Every child will discover and develop their unique strengths and thrive at the next level. All students will attain skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed in 21st-century society. All schools and workplaces will be safe and civil. LAPS will effectively communicate with parents, students, employees and the Los Alamos community.

Our Focus Areas: Student Well-Being • Student Learning • Teacher and Staff Excellence • Fiscal Responsibility • Quality Facilities • Innovative Leadership • Communications and Collaboration • Integrated Technology

Notice of Right to Inspect Public Records

Requests to inspect public records should be submitted to the records custodian, Lena Jaramillo, located at P.O. Box 90, Los Alamos, NM 87544, 505-663-2228, l.jaraillo@laschools.net.

Procedures for Requesting Inspection.

Notice of Right to Inspect Public Records

Alumni reflection

I am so thankful for my experience and education that I received at LAHS. I transferred to LAHS in the middle of my sophomore year from a much larger school in Texas and welcomed by not only the staff and teachers, but the student body as well. LAHS provided a challenging and welcoming environment for me as an “outsider” and prepared me for my life outside of Los Alamos after I graduated. The courses that I had in high school provided with the ability to look at situations and the world in different ways. The clubs and activities I participated in at LAHS taught me how to break out the mold and be open to differences that other people have and how we can compliment and challenge each other. I enjoyed and valued my time at LAHS that I chose to move to Los Alamos to raise my children so that they too could receive the quality education that I received as well learn what it is like to be from such a unique community.

Stephanie Fabry, Class of '96

My experience at Los Alamos Public Schools has given me grounded academic and life skills that have held strong during my collegiate years and throughout my life.

Ann Stewart, Class of '91