The library curriculum is a combination of the C.C.S.S. and the American Library Association Standards for the 21st Century Learner.  The official name is for the document is the Crosswalk.  In addition to the Crosswalk, the librarians teach Cyber-Safety & Cyber-Etiquette classes, technology skills, Dewey Decimal usage, using online and print reference sources (almanac, dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, and encyclopedia),  elements of literature, fiction and nonfiction genres, fiction, and nonfiction text features, creating fiction and nonfiction writing, library manners, and they assist teachers and students with learning projects.  Below are documents compiled and formatted by LAPS teacher-librarian Beverly Nelson, that are a concise statement of what is covered in each grade level library class.

Kindergarten  •  First Grade  •  Second Grade  •  Third Grade  •  Fourth Grade  •  Fifth Grade  •  Sixth Grade  •  Seventh Grade  •  Eighth Grade  •  Ninth & Tenth Grade  •  Eleventh & Twelve Grade

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