The curriculum is the major statement any educational institution makes about itself, about what it can contribute to the intellectual development of students, about what it thinks is important in its teaching service to society. The mission of any curriculum committee is to provide guidance, advocacy, and supervision by ensuring that the curriculum is academically sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the evolving needs of the global community, thus serving the district’s mission, goals, and educational needs of our students. The LAPS curriculum aligns with the New Mexico Standards & Benchmarks, the Los Alamos School District’s EPSS, and regional accreditation requirements. We use a backward design approach in designing our alignment guides and maps. Our current courses provide for differentiation and integrated curricular approaches to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom. Selection of major instructional and assessment materials is the responsibility of the Curriculum Committees. These committees are comprised of representatives from the local community, the teaching faculty for that particular content area, and the curriculum director.

The paramount focus for curriculum in Los Alamos Public Schools is that all students have equal access to the standards and benchmarks required for graduation from Los Alamos Public Schools.