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Welcome to Hawks Athletics. This 2020-2021 school year will truly be unique and sports at LAMS will be no exception. We will try to keep information updated as we get notifications. Please remember that during this school year, sports schedules, practices, etc are subject to change daily. We hope that everyone can be flexible and work together to provide the best opportunities for our students.

Please note that at this time, only volleyball and cross country at Los Alamos Middle School are slated to begin October 5th. And this date is subject to change. All other LAMS sports will take place after the winter holiday break.

LAMS will follow all NMAA, CDC and New Mexico state government regulations for participation in sports. At this time, no fans will be allowed to attend mid school competitions. No schools in New Mexico will compete in tournaments at the mid school level.

It is important to note that during this unique time, the emphasis of mid school sports is on PARTICIPATION and not on competition. With everyone’s flexibility and optimism, we can make this school year into a successful one!

We are in the process of establishing schedules for each of our sports and will publish those schedules when they are complete.

Effective 9/21/20, LAMS is able to conduct pre-season practices of up to 7.5 hours per week for fall sports. This practice time is exclusive of the LAHS programs. Students are able to participate in “pods” of 9 athletes to 1 coach ratio. Masks must be worn at all times by all participants and coaches. Parents/spectators are not allowed at practices at this time.

Preseason practices for Volleyball are slated to begin on September 28th. Please contact Joe Palmer for more information specific to LAMS Volleyball.

Preseason practices for Cross Country are ongoing as virtual only at this point. Students wishing to participate in Cross Country practices and who are not currently receiving team emails should contact Kay Ulrich or Adrienne Hetrick.

No students will be allowed to participate at any level – practice or competition – without completed registration through RankOne Sports.

The NMAA Board of Directors has voted to allow a clean slate for all students participating in athletics and activities for Semester 1. Los Alamos Public Schools has modified this to a higher standard.

Students must have a 2.0 GPA and NO MORE THAN 1 F for MP1/Qtr1 report card. The previous rule did not allow for any F letter grades. This rule only applies to MP1/Qtr1 grading period.

Football is a non-cut sport, but it is not an intramural program, and all students do not play equal time. Coaches will determine playing time as they see each student’s performance best fitting the team.

Cross Country is a non-cut sport, but students are ranked by their times in the 1.5 and 2 mile run. The team may have an opportunity to allow 8th graders to move up to the high school level for competitions when the mid school season ends.

Volleyball is a cut sport for both the 7th and 8th grade girls. Coaches will select between 12 and 15 girls for each grade level. Making the team will be based on volleyball skills, attitude, cooperation and teamwork.

The Hawks tennis team practices at Mesa Courts and Urban Park. The teams play tournaments in Albuquerque and are usually able to host one match during the fall season. Tennis is not a cut-sport, but students must understand that coaches will place students into matches based on skills and how they see each student helping the team.

Girls basketball is a cut sport for both 7th and 8th grade. Only 12-15 girls will be selected for each grade level. At the end of the season, 8th graders may have an opportunity to try out for the HS C-Team.

Wrestling is open to both girls and boys. Wrestling is a non-cut sport, and there is only one team for both the 7th and 8th grade levels. At the end of the season, 8th graders may have the opportunity to continue to work out with the HS team.

Boys basketball begins in November with tryouts spread out over a couple of weeks. Teams will begin practice in December, with games in January and February. Only 12-15 students will be selected to each grade level team.

The track and field season will begin at the end of February. Due to the weather, sometimes practices are limited for the first few weeks into March. Track is a non-cut sport, but students do participate interscholastically. If numbers allow, track may have a Varsity team and a JV team.

Cheer is non-cut and lasts through 3 sport seasons. An athlete may tryout for other sports while being a part of the cheer squad. (Exceptions apply)

Requirements for participation:

Athletic Participation
As in year’s past, in order to participate in any sport at Los Alamos Public Schools, all athletes must complete the following items prior to participation in practices and competitions. This year, however, we have one significant change: ALL paperwork will be submitted electronically via RankOne Sport (more information below).

1. Athletics Registration (this is separate from SchoolMint registration)

1. Go to :
1. Click on red “Parents Click Here” button at top of the page
2. Click on “Online Forms” (top left box)
3. Click on “New Mexico”
4. Click on “Los Alamos Public Schools”
5. Review instructions and then click on the “Proceed to Online Forms” button
6. Click on the “New to RankOne? Create New Account” button and follow the prompts*
7. Once you have created your account, you will need your athlete’s last name and LAPS Student ID# to complete the Registration process. (A tutorial has been attached to this email with further instructions)

2. Athletics office will be able to see when your athlete’s registration has been submitted. Nothing needs to be printed or sent in by you when you complete this step/process.

2. Medical Examination (completed on or after April 1st, 2020); Forms are attached to this email as well as available on RankOne Sport

1. Pages 1-3 are completed by parent/guardian & athlete
2. Page 4 is completed by health care professional
3. Once completed, upload to the athlete’s RankOne Sport profile.

3. Consent to Treat Form; Form is completed electronically via RankOne Sport

4. NFHS Concussion for Students online course

1. Must be completed once every school year
2. students
3. Upload certificate to the athlete’s RankOne Sport profile

5. Registration complete – Once you have completed all required items, you will be able to see that your athlete is in “Compliance” in RankOne Sport

Contact the LAHS Athletics department at 505-663-2531 or email the Athletics & Activities department at

NMAA guidelines have stated that last year’s physicals can be used for this school year. To clarify, this is meant for those areas that have issues with getting scheduled into the doctor. That is not the case here in Los Alamos. Our local guidance from the Children’s Clinic and safe start committee is for all athletes at all grade levels to complete a physical exam for this school year, 20-21. Due to some of the health issues that the doctors are seeing (depression, anemia, scoliosis, various psychological and sleep issues) they are strongly recommending our student athletes get their physicals as usual. Based on local guidance, we recommend that all athletes complete the physical exam. Any student athlete who didn’t participate last year and all incoming 7th grader’s MUST complete a physical. Others are highly recommended.

Sports Schedules:

The NMAA has established guidelines for each sports season in regards to schedules, game limits, etc. That information is provided in the following two links.

1. Modified Master Schedule of Events

2. 2020-2021 Sports Calendar

Please note that at this time, only volleyball and cross country at Los Alamos Middle School are slated to begin October 5th. And this date is subject to change. All other LAMS sports will take place after the winter holiday break.

LAMS Athletic Coordinator – Daren Jones


LAPS Athletic Director – Ann Stewart


LAPS Athletic Assistant – Stephanie Fabry


LAPS Athletic Trainer – Mick Matuszak


LAMS Principal – Suzanne Lynne


LAMS Asst. Principal – Andy Ainsworth


The LAMS Parent and Student Athletic handbook defines the rules, policies and procedures for students participating in Hawks Athletics.

LAMS Parent and Student Athletic Handbook 2020-2021

In order to be eligible to participate in LAMS Athletics, students and a parent must sign the LAMS Student-Athlete Contract.

LAMS Student-Athlete Contract