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7th grade:  Emily Gartz  •  663-2409  •  e.gartz@laschools.net

8th grade:  Cara Michel  •  663-2410 •  c.michel@laschools.net

Clinical Counselor:  Michelle Bane  •  663-2408  •  m.bane@laschools.net

Every Other TuesdayBiotech Club7thMs. RainsRoom 166Oct. 157th grade lunch
TuesdayBoys' Circle7thCounselorsRoom 163Oct. 1 thru Nov. 127th grade lunch
WednesdayBuilders Club7th & 8th Kiwanis ClubRoom 165TBA11:35 am - 12:25 pm
WednesdayBuilders Club8thMs. GrossRoom 262Sept. 46th period
FridayColorguard8thMrs. WadlingtonGymOct. 216th period
FridayCreative Writing Club7thMrs. GoddardRoom 144Oct. 45th period
ThursdayDungeons and Dragons8thMrs. MaestasRoom 163Aug. 236th period
TuesdayDungeons and Dragons7thMr. CollomRoom 3035th period
Thursdaye-squared7thMr. BonzonRoom 259Sept. 125th period (7th grade lunch, 1st semester only)
Thursdaye-squared7thMrs. BublitzRoom 255Sept. 125th period (7th grade lunch, 2nd semester only)
Thursdaye-squared8thMrs. GrossRoom 262Sept. 126th period
FridayGirls' Circle7thCounselorsRoom 163Sept. 27 thru Nov. 85th period
FridayGirls' Circle8thCounselorsRoom 163Sept. 27 thru Nov. 86th period
ThursdayGreen Earth Club7thMs. RainsRoom 166Sept. 55th period
ThursdayGreen Earth Club8thMrs. GauntRoom 265Sept. 56th period
ThursdayMagic the Gathering7thMs. AgnewRoom 146Oct. 245th period
WednesdayMagic the Gathering Club7th/8thSept. 45th and 6th periods
FridayMath Counts7th/8th Ms. GrowRoom 147Aug. 20After school
TuesdayMath Counts7th/8th Ms. GrowRoom 147Aug. 20After school
4th Thursday of each monthNative Hawks7th Ms. Sanchez/ Ms. SimonsLibraryAug. 295th period
4th Thursday of each monthNative Hawks8th Ms. Sanchez/ Ms. SimonsLibraryAug. 296th period
TuesdayRainbow Alliance (GSA)7th Ms Ellie Simons (Mrs. Goddard's room)Room 144Sept. 175th period
TuesdayRainbow Alliance (GSA)6th Ms Ellie Simons (Mr. Richard's room)Room 158Sept. 176th period
ThursdayScience Bowl7th/8thMrs. FullopRoom 149Oct. 17After school
MondayScrabble Club7th Mrs. maestasRoom 163Oct. 215th period
TuesdayStudent Council7th Mrs. RectorRoom 168Aug. 205th period
TuesdayStudent Council7th Mrs. WadlingtonRoom 268Aug. 206th period
FridayYoga Club7thMs. MartinGym StageNov. 15th period

Student Conduct 
LAMS administration and staff strive to provide and maintain a safe, equitable, and positive environment that promotes intellectual and personal growth and development. Discipline interventions are geared to nurture the development of self control, self worth, social responsibility and the acceptance of consequences for ones actions. Our discipline plan utilizes conflict resolution strategies and adult intervention. The plan specifies rules covering the standards of behavior expected from our students. Students who violate the rules will receive natural and logical consequences. Students who follow the rules will reap positive consequences.

Our General School Rules are: 
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

The philosophy of discipline at LAMS is grounded in the belief that learning opportunities can best take place when there is mutual respect and trust. The administration and staff are dedicated to the development of trust and respect between all students and adults. Students are encouraged to make good choices and take responsibility for their choices, including accepting natural consequences, when appropriate.

•    A LAMS staff member will redirect the student’s behavior.
•    A student may receive a Discipline Report for an incident which is a detailed account of the incident and what, if any, action has been taken to address the situation.
•    When referred for misconduct, possible action / consequences may include: a conference with the student, lunch detention, parent contact, school community service, intervention and/or mediation, In School Suspension or Out of School Suspension. This information is documented on the Incident Report.
•    Tardies are also tracked and students with habitual tardies are given a Discipline Report .
This discipline policy was developed in accordance with the Los Alamos Public Schools Board of Education Policies.

Code of Conduct Agreement for Students

Please print agreement, it requires student and parent signature.


The School Board recognizes that each student’s mode of dress and grooming  is a matter of individual preference. The Board will not interfere with students’ and parents’ decisions regarding appearance except when their choices disrupt the educational process, interfere with the maintenance of a positive teaching/learning climate or violate reasonable standards of health, safety, decency, and respect for others. The purpose of the student dress code is to encourage students to come to school prepared for the instructional program.

The Board prohibits the displaying of apparel, accessories, or the marking of the skin with designs or patterns, which advocate drugs, tobacco, and/or alcohol use, violence, disruptive behavior, disrespect for others, or denotes gang membership.

Two Guidelines to Note:

  1. Students may not wear hats indoors.
  2. Students’ midriffs need to be covered.

National History Day promotes the in-depth study of history through its annual contests at the regional, state and international levels. Students develop strong research, creative and critical thinking skills to develop projects to compete and share knowledge.

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