Purpose of Teaming

LAMS uses an interdisciplinary team approach. There are six teams at LAMS, three eighth grade and three seventh grade. Each team meets with a counselor and an administrator regularly.

Purpose of Teaming

The teachers work to coordinate homework and testing, establish procedures on discipline, develop interdisciplinary team projects, field trips, and coordinate to meet the needs of individual students.

Teachers share instructional objectives, make curricular decisions, and improve instruction by developing thematic units across disciplines.

The direct benefits of interdisciplinary team approaches include:
1. Rapid recognition and assessment of individual student needs
2. Consistency in discipline techniques
3. Coordinated teaching
4. Better communication with administrators
5. Improved communication with parents
6. Extensive utilization of counselors
7. Integration of curriculum by developing thematic units.

Each interdisciplinary team of teachers has a daily team planning period. During this planning time, team decisions are made about activities and student needs. Also, parent and/or student conferences may be scheduled at this time.

7th Grade Hawk Teams

8th Grade Hawk Teams