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Glencoe Math 6th

Imagine Math (formerly Think Through Math)

Kahn Academy

Keyboarding Without Tears



Pearson Reading


Morning and Afternoon Clubs:

Morning –

Remember, morning clubs are first come first served. Students sign in at the front and then go to clubs. These clubs fill up and are closed after 15 students are there.

Mon: Lego, Games, Homework
Tues: Running, Lego, Games, Homework
Wed: Running, Lego, Games, Homework
Thu: Running, Lego, Games, Homework, Pokemon
Fri: Games, Homework, Pokemon

Afternoon –

Remember, afternoon clubs are by invite only. Once students expresses an interest, the teacher then either invites them or puts them on a waiting list. These clubs are age restricted.

Mon: DnD (grades 3-6), Book (grades 4-6), Games/Reading (grades 3-6)
Tues: DnD (grades 3-6), Book (grades 4-6), Games/Reading (grades 3-6), Homework (grades 4-6)
Wed: No clubs
Thu: DnD (grades 3-6), Book (grades 4-6), Games/Reading (grades K-2), Homework (grades 4-6)
Fri: No Clubs