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My name is Yvette Byers, and I am tthe new School Counselor at Piñon Elementary.

At Piñon, the staff strives to create and maintain a safe and supportive school environment where students can succeed academically and grow socially and emotionally. To facilitate in this philosophy, some of the services I provide as a school counselor include:

  • Classroom Instruction and Guidance Lessons
  • Weekly Small Groups
  • Weekly Individualized Sessions
  • Crisis Interventions and Support
  • Academic and Behavioral supports for struggling students through the Student Assistance Team (SAT) process
  • Connecting students and families to local resources

Please always feel free to contact me with questions or concerns regarding your child at:

Office Phone: 505-663-2680

PLEASE NOTE: The school counseling program provides students with short-term emotional and social support in order for them to be able to efficiently participate in their classrooms.  If a student struggles with ongoing mental health issues, the school counselor is not a sufficient replacement for a personal therapist or psychologist.

The recommended site to find local mental health providers and resources:

Updated list coming soon